Patchwork is a small coworking community founded by Emilie Yeager and based in the Mueller neighborhood in Austin, TX . Our community opened its doors on November 3, 2014 after the unfortunate closing of Conjuctured Coworking. We are focused on providing our members with a productive environment, a genuine community, and a comfortable space.


About Emilie

After living in NYC for 6 years, Emilie decided to move down to Austin. Since she’s remained at her company in NYC, she’s become very familiar with the value of coworking. Conjunctured Coworking became home as she adjusted to being a remote employee.Emilie has always valued culture and hard work at every company she’s worked at, and she is ecstatic to be leading a community and cultivating a culture at Patchwork. She works full time in Dev Ops at Conductor with her team utilizing various open-source technologies. In college, she studied Computer Science, Math, and Music. In her spare time; she enjoys interior design and crafting, both of which will be used in making Patchwork into a comfortable and homey workspace.