Patchwork is a small coworking community located in the Mueller neighborhood in Austin, TX . Our community opened its doors on November 3, 2014 after the unfortunate closing of Conjuctured Coworking. We are focused on providing our members with a productive environment, a genuine community, and a comfortable space.


About Ojas

Ojas has spent nearly two decades in software development. He’s worked with dozens of clients and Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. He’s helped build high-performance development teams, has spent nearly a decade as an independent consultant, running his own software development shop, and cofounded several startups. Having been part of many cohesive, productive teams – both onsite and remote – he values an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and community, which is why in 2017 he took over Patchwork Austin from its founder. Ojas studied electrical engineering, math, and computer science as an undergrad at WKU. In his spare time, Ojas enjoys road trips, house music, is a huge motoring enthusiast, and spends his energy making Patchwork the coworking space that’s missing in Austin.